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    Enterprise overview

    Ningbo optimal pipe co., LTD., founded in 1994, is specialized is engaged in the copper pipe research and development, manufacture and sales of an innovative enterprise. The company has a number of patented technology, and through ISO9001, ISO14001 and so on many national and international certification of Chinese environment mark and implement the patent technology industrialization development. Optimal development (patent no. : ZL 2014 2 0535655.4) socket type pipe fittings, copper pipe is one of the core technology in copper water water supply pipeline, is the key to achieve healthy living water. Optimal way launch electricity purchase distribution, online services at the same time, and in all large and medium-sized cities in the country to have the underwriting institution, let consumers actually feel the best way is by your side.


    Optimal way today

    Optimal way focus on research and development and manufacture of high quality copper pipe technology innovative enterprise. Optimal way moral: the most perfect, the most ideal, the most romantic. In "truth, goodness and beauty" of spirit, the pursuit of excellence. Vision to grasp the future, to change the quality of led industry upgrading, in the tenet of "o avenue, do great cause", set up the brand image of the world's most prestigious and corporate culture, create a cause of copper pipe, optimal way has become the pronoun of high-end residential water pipe. Modern enterprise fight in the future based on this is with independent intellectual property rights and brands, has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and so on many national and international certification of Chinese environment mark, and Chinese health access permission, has the first-class research and development technical team, the introduction of advanced international production lines and ?


    Brand positioning

    Optimal way advocating healthy living water, copper water supply pipeline.
    Inheriting national excellent moral culture, harmonious coexistence, innovation in China.


    Optimal way mission

    The water quality protection, and god bless health carry on the shoulder, shouldering the responsibility of the global supplier of high quality copper pipe.
    Made energy conservation and environmental protection science and technology quality, the copper water pipe fittings. 


    Brand spirit

    Optimal way by English utopia derived brand name, moral is the most perfect, the most ideal, the most romantic. Optimal way enterprises by "truth, goodness and beauty"
    Vision spirit, the pursuit of excellence, in order to grasp the market, elaborate high-quality copper pipe, to meet consumer demand for high quality pipe products. The quality of
    Change life, brand, create the future. Optimal way brand rooted in consumer, growth in the reputation.


    Brand strategy

    Optimal way take advantage of its own product research and development and business model, walk the road of brand innovation. Emphasis on the quality of service is the extension, create a new concept for pipe products distribution services, make optimal way copper tube terminals in the fierce market competition to obtain outstanding performance.

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